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Pressure Washing Improves and Protects Your Property

Pressure Washing — Water Pressure Cleaner in St, Iola, WI
Renew Pressure Washing improves the overall appearance of your residential or commercial property. Power washing not only helps curb appeal, but it also removes harmful algae, mold and mildew that can prematurely break down exteriors and make surfaces slippery.
  • Algae on concrete can become slippery and cause falls.
  • Allowing surfaces to build up grime can be a hazard to safety and health.
  • Black mold on siding, algae growth in shingles and unwashed decks can lead to premature failure without proper cleaning and sealing.

Pressure Washing Removes

  • Dirt & Debris
  • Ash
  • Mold, Mildew and Algae
  • Bird droppings & Bug Stains
  • Gum
  • Oil spots
  • Tire marks

Experienced and Professional Pressure Washing Service

Renew Pressure Washing cleans with hot water, not cold. Like your squeaky clean dishes, outdoor surfaces wash more easily with warm water, using fewer chemicals and less pressure for better results.

Brothers Al and Jeff Domask have years of construction experience and appreciate the value of professional cleaning for your property. Any new building, painting or remodeling project requires a thorough washing and in many cases, a power washing alone can extend the life of a surface.

We serve the Waupaca, Stevens Point, Plover, Fox Valley and surrounding area. We offer both residential and commercial services.
Schofield, WI
Power Wash Exterior Surfaces in Schofield, WI
Excellent service. Did a wonderful job power washing the house 2 sheds and patio. Got the job done quickly in spite of bad weather. Friendly, professional... just can't say enough good about them. Will definitely hire again.